Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coming out

Today is National Coming Out Day, and as such, I've elected to come out.

Most of you who already know me are probably giggling at this notion, but I have not yet formally come out to my relatives, many of which are able to read this post.

Many of you who've re-added me on Facebook have likely noticed the name change. The change is to reflect that I no longer identify by my gender-specific name.

I have known most of my adult life that I'm queer. With relatives, I've learned over time to artfully dodge the issue, as well as the issue of my polyamory, for simplicity. But, there's nothing simple about hiding major parts of your life away from those you love.

Moving to San Francisco, and meeting so many with such strong conviction about who they are, has helped me examine myself and my gender dysmorphia. I've never felt that "male" fits with how I identify as a person, and I feel as if, here in SF, I can finally explore a new path. As I visit my doctor tomorrow, and talk about the next step of that path, I come out.

I am queer. I currently identify as genderqueer. I have also identified as polyamorous, and have been in multiple simultaneous long-term relationships, for almost a decade now.

I've reached a point in my life where I want my relatives in my life, but the opinions of those who don't take this information well are understandable. I'll be alright either way.

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