Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Welcome to Trollville!

I'm highly amused by it, so I thought I'd share this ongoing mini-saga of the past few days.

I posted a thank you a few days ago on my Bambi Meets Godzilla video page for getting 100,000 hits. A day later, I get this response:

Round 1:

Sunday, 11:29 AM:
alphayourface: "That's desperate comment, don't you think? It's a bit transparent when a wounded person tries to pretend he doesn't care that everyone hates him (>.<)"

Well, that first part was almost a sentence. I responded, and maybe I shouldn't have, it was something like...

KindredCoda: "It's she, not 'he'. And I don't feed the trolls."

Then I deleted their douchebag comment (leaving all the others that were negative on my page)  and blocked the person. Of course, you can probably guessed what happened next. Same person, new account:

Round 2:

Sunday, 9:15 PM:
iHateBeingRich: "Wth. LOL. I wrote a comment saying that this guy seems insecure for trying to get negative attention, & what does he do? He deletes a comment that's truthful & people agree with (insecure much? - called it!) then just message to me say that you don't feed trolls?" (I deleted the original, but the rest said something about my gender being debatable, blah blah blah. Gee, I didn't see that comment from the domain of the narrow mind coming at ALL).

Again, I was baited. I told them in no uncertain terms that the reason I removed their comment was because they were being a colossal dickhead troll, and that I had left all of the other negative comments alone. I also informed them that I'd block every future post the troll would no doubt make. I found out afterwards how to make the comments on all my video pages approve-only, and still letting all other comments through.

Round 3:

I got this message a few hours ago:

Monday, 8:13 PM:
iHateBeingRich: "got you kicked off the front page; good enough for me"

I think each person's front page is personalized anyway, so if what this person says is even true (doubtful), and if they had that ability (even more doubtful), I didn't even know I was ON the front page. Also, since I didn't know, I didn't care. I wasn't interested in getting tons of hits, it was a fluke that I found any audience, and my likes and dislikes are about even in numbers. That only means half of everyone hates my video. :-) I must have done something right though, because my video is just hitting 200,000 hits by the time I post this, and I'm thankful. But I'm not going to take abuse from some neanderthal I've never even met.


My next response: None. The only thing that actually perturbs me about this whole thing is why some people like to be negative, why they delight in trying (and failing) to torment others. It's probably because they're so pathetic, they really don't have anything better to do.

I've also learned that in this world, you can't tell morons that they're morons. It's a bit like talking to a goldfish, and telling it not to swim in a certain pattern. It doesn't have the capacity to understand or listen.

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