Saturday, November 12, 2011

SF events and costumes, DST and moods

SF events and costumes
Tonight, there is an event scheduled, a Vampire Ball. I would have liked to have gone with R, but the ticket cost, combined with the cost of a required costume, just wasn't feasible.

Such is the way of many events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Even many of the adults-only events, play parties and such, require some sort of costume. While this is nice for those of us who have money and/or can sew, others get left in the lurch.

Yes, I know, these are first-world problems, but the prevailing attitude that anyone who's worth knowing or having at a social event in the Bay Area has a closet full of costumes, very nearly borders elitist snobbery of a sort.

Daylight Savings Time and moods
It seems that no matter where I am, whether it's cold enough to snow or not, every year the DST change affects me and those I love in a negative way.

Also, in the Bay Area, the weather is cool and the temperature usually doesn't fluctuate wildly. As soon as DST comes around, combined with retail's seemingly relentless push to move the holiday shopping season further and further back each year, it already feels like the holiday season. In my brain, it's Christmas in early November! It's very strange, and I'm still not used to it yet.

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  1. There are lots of cheap fabulous costumes available. You can also check with some of your friends who might be willing to dress you up! :)